Episode 20

"Beautiful"- Sylvia Hubbard


September 22nd, 2021

1 hr 16 mins 37 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

On this episode of the FAB podcast, Moni and Kat invite Sylvia Hubbard, author of over 40 books, to discuss her romance suspense novel “Beautiful”. In this book, the naive yet extremely book smart protagonist, Madison, finds herself escaping her abusive father to try to create her future through her revolutionary research. On her journey to self-love & discovery she finds herself involved in a steamy polyamorous relationship that almost undoes her and all her hard work. The ladies talk about self-love, family trauma and the road to finding your “Beautiful” from within. What are you waiting for??? Grab your glass, and let’s cheers to the Fake Ass Book Club!

Trigger: Sexual Content, adult language

*Correction at 30:54. Kat says Rick cut his hand off but meant to say Morty cut his hand off.

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